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Very little dollars from Truth Social: Donald Trump, Ex-President, the United States

  • Donald Trump owns Truth Social and has a story behind it origination
  • Truth Social’s launch in 2022 along with its download stats exceeded other apps downloads.
  • Donald Trump prefers usings Truth Social even after ban removal from Twitter and other apps. 

Trump claims of his low earnings from Truth Social as reported in 2022. The worth is estimated to be amidst $5 Million to $25 Million as per the personal financial disclosure form indexed on Friday.

Donald Trump into Truth Social

Donald Trump was banned from various social media platforms where he got the idea of launching Truth Social but he claims very little profit from it he says. Truth Social formulated as TRUTH Social is a social media platform just like other platforms we use in our day to day life spending on the service they offer to us. Truth Social is created by Trump Media and Technology Group, founded in October 2022 with an American media base. As we know, it was ranked 101 in the ranking of  Apple’s app store for social media. The Served limits of Truth Social lie in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Brazil. 

The ban on Donald Trump from Twitter and Facebook in 2021 led to the rise of the idea of inventing a new social platform and so two casting members of Trump’s TV show The Apprentice, Wess Moss and Andy Litinsky became paramount of this operation. Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) pitched the idea of a self social platform to Trump in January 2022.

Establish Social Angle

Truth Social establishment was not an easy minute process, it included a Special-Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) called Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) with help of ARC capital. ARC capital was a Shanghai based firm dealing in the listing of Chinese companies on the American stock market. 

It did happen after the press release, recognition of themselves as part of hacker collective Anonymous who is a decentralised international activist and hacktivist collective and movement on a prior base known for the different cyber attacks opposing many governments, governmental institutions and government agencies , corporations and the Church of Scientology used Shodan which is search engine thats lets its users to look for different types of servers that connect to the Internet network by using various kinds of filters. To find the domain related to the company.

Readily available mobile beta of the service was finally located. The issue was from the URL which was permitting users to sign-up and use the platform was spilled. And so the users began trolling and doing all sorts of things which aren’t expected to occur like uploading memes and sign-in as Trump, Mike Pence, and Jack Dorsey, etc. 

The platform has been on a very extended scale cited for bowdlerization. On posting  about the investigation of 2021, the United States Capitol attack several accounts were outlawed.

Commentators predicted that Musk-run Twitter would be affecting the demand of Truth-Social offerings. In late April 2022, Musk said iOS apps download of Truth Social exceeded those of Twitter and TikTok. Bringing out the fact that it was so only because Twitter did not support the free speech formula on it. Musk bantered Truth Social saying it is a terrible name instead it could have been named ‘Trumpet’.

Trump bidding his low income

Donald Trump assures his low minting of money is just around $5 to $25 but in Millions, so says a form filed on Friday of his Personal Financial Disclosure. Just so you should know, Trump owns 90% of his company but says he only makes $300 out of it. He presented digital trading cards of around $150,000 to $1.5 Million in December with a photoshopped Trump in the series.

Even avatar being freed from his ban now Trump prefers Truth Social as a preferable social platform for use. Trump has already launched his 2024 presidential campaign. His financial disclosure at his departure from the President’s Office were in exact figures not ranges. 

Latest disclosures show Trump’s report on his Washington D.C.’s golf club which accounted more than $7.4 Million, a fairer point on it i.e. $21.1 Million. According to his further filing of reports, he made beyond $7.4 in speaking fees.

Federal candidates are expected to register the disclosure files after declaring their campaign trail. Trump is sanctioned an extension, also if he exceeds that, he will be fined on it. 



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