Google cloud broadens slate by joining Tezos Bakers

Tezo “bakers ”- the network’s validators who aid with security- will be able to set up nodes utilizing google cloud.

Following Aptos and Solana, the Tezos Foundation now supports Google cloud as a block-producing validator on its network. With proof of stake networks, validators carry out transactions and add fresh blocks to the chain.

Validators participate in the governance process as well, casting votes on whether and how to modify blockchain networks. But, Google cloud hasn’t yet indicated that it is interested in getting involved in the politics of the Tezos network.

Mason Edwards, chief commercial officer at the Bezos foundation, told Decrypt: “I would assume them having an opinion is kind of part of the design when it makes sense. Yet, at this point, I firmly believe they will not participate in politics or cast ballots.

Google cloud will begin offering enterprise-level support for developers creating apps in the Tezos ecosystem in addition to becoming a validator. According to Edwards, the goal is that it would encourage fresh waves of developers to enter the web 3 market.

As a block-producing validator joining the network, google cloud will keep an eye on how simple it is to deploy them, according to Edwards. It’s a component of an ecosystem-wide strategy that has mostly been driven by Nomadic Labs, where we have attracted institutions by assisting them in setting up these breakers, or block-producing validators.

That gave them an excellent foundation from which to explore the technological ecology, he continued.

In addition to joining the Solana and Aptos networks as a validator and collaborating with Coinbase(COIN) to enable consumers to pay for its services using bitcoin and Ethereum, the google cloud team formed a no. of comparable alliances last year. The business also collaborates with the BNB chain.

The firm views its involvement in web3 the same way it did in the open source community at the start, of web2, according to James Tromans, engineering director of web3 at google cloud.

According to Tromans in an email to decrypt,” google cloud, as an infrastructure provider, sees the development of blockchain technology and decentralized networks today as skin to the advent of open source technologies that led to the internet 10-15 years ago”. Blockchain is producing innovation and value creation for our customers and businesses in web3, just as open source advancements were essential to the early days of the internet.

Yet, google mothership hasn’t spoken much about the cloud business’s activities in the web3 sector. The company’s q4 2022 report, which was submitted earlier this month to the securities and exchange commission, included no mention of any of its most recent agreements.

Yet, excitement for web3 has been shown in various corporate sectors.

The new CEO of google owned you tube, Neal Mohan has stated that NFTs may allow “creators to create deeper ties with their followers” and that he believes that utilizing them will contribute to “making youtube more immersive”. 



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