ChatGPT plugin for Solana Labs can help fetch chain data

  • Plugin can be used in Solana with the help of ChatGPT to retrieve and see various data in Blockchain
  • Various other projects launching their own AI plugin including Binance, Brave and Opera
  • ChatGPT launches new updates where users can “Turn off” their Chat History

ChatGPT plugin in Solana

According to Solana Labs, users will be able to utilise the plugin within ChatGPT to check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and acquire NFTs. A user requests a list of NFTs held by a specific Solana address in one screenshot. In a second sample image, a user requests assistance in transferring a Solana transaction to another address, and in a third, a user requests assistance in acquiring an NFT. Each prompt returns natural language instructions or information.

According to GitHub, the plugin may also retrieve data regarding account balances, assets owned, transactions, signatures, NFT collections, and more. Solana did not specify when a plugin would be made available for general usage. But he did say that developers may construct their own plugins using the project’s source code.

AI Plugins in Other Projects

Solana’s ChatGPT plugin is being announced alongside a number of other AI services and activities connected to bitcoin services and projects.On April 24, one of the popular released a ChatGPT-powered “Sensei” chatbot, while Visa revealed plans to recruit an AI-focused blockchain developer.

AI functions are also being added to crypto-integrated browsers. Today, Opera also announced Opera One, an AI-integrated version. Meanwhile, in early March, Brave introduced an AI-powered “summarizer” feature into their search engine.Individuals associated with Marvel Studios and Epic Games have remarked on the possibilities of AI in the entertainment sector outside of the blockchain industry.

ChatGPT Updates

The same day, OpenAI revealed that ChatGPT users can now “turn off” their chat history with the use of a new privacy feature.

In an April 25 statement, the team announced the implementation of the new functionality, which was developed to provide customers more control over their data. The company went on to say:

“Conversations initiated while chat history is disabled will not be used to train. And improve our models, and will not appear in the history sidebar.”

According to OpenAI, the feature may be found in ChatGPT’s settings, which can be updated at any moment.

OpenAI noted that deleted discussions will be kept for 30 days in order to be reviewed to monitor offensive content. Conversations will be permanently removed once that has been cleared. The AI company has launched a new “export” option for customers to extract their data and gain a better understanding of what information ChatGPT holds.

The new privacy feature comes as Italy recently became the first European country. To prohibit ChatGPT from being used until it conforms with the European Union’s user privacy standards, as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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