District X

Brewing trouble in the red-light region of District X

  • Morph claims that RobL, the District X custodian, seized the post without the consent of contributors
  • RobL denies all allegations regarding District sale made on it by Morph

District X

Blomkamp’s job in the game is ‘chief visionary officer’ (please) and co-writer alongside Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon, Crysis). The basic idea is that up to 150 players fight on the same field in both PvP and PvE storyline missions, with the map changing in real-time as events occur.

The Morph RobL Debate

The protracted debate between District X’s leader and a number of community members reached a climax when the Decentraland DAO was asked to weigh in on the district’s future.

Decentraland districts are jointly owned portions of the map built around a specific topic, in the example of District X: pornographic content. However, in the five years after its inception, it has experienced little progress.

On April 12, member Morph proposed that the DAO and the Decentraland Foundation ask OpenSea to mark the district’s land NFTs as stolen until a solution to the concerns in the District X community can be found.

Morph claims that RobL, the District X custodian, seized the post without the consent of contributor. And that his Wyoming-based LLC, District X Land Holdings, controls the multi-sig wallet that holds the district’s land. He argues the district strayed from its original purpose, despite limited development, and that “the worst offence” was RobL’s purported intention to sell the entire district.

Morph’s plan must go through two more steps before it is approved. A preliminary vote revealed that it received 73.94% of the vote. According to him, it “was great to see the community come out and make a majority decision.”

RobL, on the other side, dismisses Morph’s assertions regarding how he handled the district’s land, stating Magazine:

There was also a claim that I advertised the district for sale, which is equally false.”

“However, just so everyone knows, selling districts is not illegal.” “Many district owners have sold their districts in the last two or three years,” he says, adding that he has never sold any.

Final Take

RobL claims that his DAO voting power alone is sufficient to prevent the poll from passing. Even if it made it to the final step, he believes it will not be implemented.

“Why? Because [the] Decentraland Foundation and the DAO are well aware that the plans are riddled with inaccuracies and are, on the surface, clearly untrue… Furthermore, Decentraland DAO has no authority on OpenSea,” he claims.

According to the Decentraland Foundation, it is an outside party to the situation and is not participating in it. At the time of writing, the community has not been invited to engage in the idea.



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