NeutrinosChain to Officilly Launch Mainnet on May 1,2023

  • Neutrinos to launch Mainnet on May 1 to deliver more accessible, secure, and user-friendly transactions.
  • Neutrinos have gained over 40k+ community members and hit an ATH Market Cap ever since its FairLaunch.

Powered by Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) Neutrinos blockchain is the world’s first 3rd generation blockchain. Controlled by a network of artificial systems it has real-time transaction validation.

It is a business that has created proprietary technology for tracking, analyzing, and monitoring cryptocurrency flows across several blockchains.

Neutrinos New Release

The NeutrinosChain Team stated in a statement that the Mainnet would utilize blockchain technology to deliver a more accessible, user-friendly, and secure standard without jeopardizing the need for quick transactions and network activity.

According to the release, the launch is a huge milestone for the Blockchain industry as a whole and for NeutrinosChain Itself. “We believe that our technology has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, and we look forward to working with our partners to bring these benefits to their customers,” NeutrinosChain Team said in a statement. “We have worked tirelessly to develop a platform that is secure, efficient, swift, and easy to use.”

NeutrinosChain $NEUTR is the first AI-powered blockchain of its type, it uses the Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) consensus, which is an AI neural network that uses complex algorithms and cryptography to create a secure and dependable platform for transactions. With a capability of over 3 million TPS (Transactions Per Second), 0% petrol fees, Auto Liquidity, and more, the technology is also scalable, allowing it to handle enormous transaction volumes and support a wide range of applications. This ground-breaking technology is intended to deliver secure, quick, and efficient transactions, making it suitable for a wide range of sectors.

What is Mainnet?

A mainnet is a self-contained blockchain network with its own technology and protocol. It is the finished product of a blockchain project that is available for public use. Minnet is a system which when asked by any open source or project can be changed for the revision of the upgradation of the product . In contrast to a testnet or projects running on top of other popular networks such as Ethereum, it is a live blockchain with its own cryptocurrency or tokens in use.

Neutrinos Growth

The NeutrinosChain community has grown to over 40k+ members across all social media platforms, ever since its Fairlaunch on April 13th NeutrinosChain has seen good momentum in the community and trading volume, and after two weeks of launch on Pancake Swamp launch it saw an ATH of over $3 million in Markt Cap.

A lot of milestones have been achieved by NeutrinosChain after conducting several Marketing efforts.

NeutrinosChain is ready to become a pioneer in the blockchain industry with the introduction of the Mainnet. The team is already collaborating with a diverse set of partners from a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, logistics, and others.

In order to maintain transparency and improve investor confidence, NeutrinosChain’s contract was completely audited, and the team successfully secured Pinksale KYC & SAFU badges.