Forthcoming Event of Metaverse of 2023 that can’t be missed

  • The upcoming events of 2023 focusing the metaverse space.       
  • Conventions will cover the latest technologies by industry experts across the globe.   

Metaverse is more than just an online gaming platform. The Event space that provides opportunities to everyone, from multinational companies to start-ups. The Metaverse is still in its initial phase & may take some time to develop fully and be accepted globally. Still, that hasn’t stopped companies from experimenting with the possibility of the Metaverse in the virtual space.

These educational events provide a space for enthusiasts to learn and explore the platform and also an opportunity to connect with leaders. 

Laval Virtual Event

Laval Virtual, an event management company, is hosting its initial AR/VR event on its 25th anniversary. The 5 days event will bring together industry leaders across the globe to share their expertise on technology. It will feature 50+ international experts and is expected to have 10,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors. The exhibitors will showcase their innovative designs and get an opportunity to grow their network.

The hybrid 5 days event will have 3 days covered in professional work of exchange of thoughts and innovative ideas. Laval Virtual will have a virtual party to wrap up the event. 

Augmented World Expo USA 2023

Augmented World Expo is returning with an Extended Reality (XR) event. The event will have high-profile leaders and C-level executives discuss the future of the XR ecosystem. It will highlight exclusive sessions on immersive topics like Spatial Computing, AI, Haptics, 5G, and more. 

The company has been organizing events since 2010 that allow people to learn, connect with leaders and grow their network. The event will be held in Santa Clara, California, from May 31 to June 2, 2023. 

Extended Reality Expo

XR Expo is a Business to Business (B2B) technology convention that will explore the extended reality and encapsulate the tools’ influence on today’s time. The community leaders will discuss the evolution of these tools and development in the metaverse ground. 

The event will present the adoption of technologies and applications in various sectors like healthcare, trade, architecture, etc. Attendees will get to experiment with some of the leading tools globally. The event held at Stuttgart from 15-16 June 2023.

Technology Expo

The series event will start from April 12 to November 14, covering 30 cities globally. The industry’s top leaders will provide insights and new ideas. The convention will gather technology innovators, educators, marketers, business owners and more. 

The latest Internet technologies displayed, from Software as a Service (Saas) to XR, and attendees can perform experiments to test the latest tools. Everyone from business professionals to technology enthusiasts will showcase their recent technologies outline to kick off people’s businesses at the event.


These are a few events highlighting the latest technology and the future scope of the Metaverse. These events will bring together international leaders and tech enthusiasts. They will showcase their innovative designs. 



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