Join the INTOverse Family for Effortless Earnings and Ultimate Entertainment!

Existing Web2 social platforms suffer from data and security vulnerabilities, manipulation of public opinion, and the proliferation of fake information. As a result, users and content creators are fleeing Web2 applications. We are in need of a product that breaks down the barriers between Web2 and Web3. If creators and fans can collaboratively thrive on a Web3 platform, the vision of a Web3 social experience for the masses may be just within reach.

INTOverse is a Web3 community management platform based on blockchain technology, offering users a brand new social and entertainment experience. By joining the INTOverse family, you too can effortlessly earn tokens and indulge in entertainment.

One core principle of Web3 is that users can earn corresponding rewards on the platform through their actions and contributions, where the value created by the platform can be earned by the users. INTOverse integrates technologies such as encrypted wallets, digital identities, community management, and AI assistance, and introduces an innovative incentive model called social mining, enabling users to earn while they play and creating a disruptive Web3 community management platform.

INTOverse is a fusion of Whatsapp, OpenSea, TikTok, and Telegram, providing all-in-one services for communication, financial transactions, entertainment, and more. INTOverse is highly social, allowing you to connect with users worldwide and share your life, interests, and ideas. You can create your own personal profile, upload photos, videos, and audio to showcase your talents and personality. Additionally, you can join various communities to engage in discussions with like-minded individuals and make new friends.

INTOverse’s entertainment value is also a key reason for attracting users. Here, you can find a variety of social and entertainment activities that align perfectly with users’ current social habits, including the latest live streaming, gaming, and trendy music, among others. You can play games, listen to music, watch live streams, and enjoy limitless entertainment. Additionally, INTOverse provides users with a rich reward mechanism, allowing them to earn INTOverse tokens by participating in various social activities, which can be used to purchase virtual goods or redeem rewards.

INTOverse not only establishes its competitive edge through excellent product design and user experience but also continuously strengthens the connection between the platform and users through the network effect of social mining. Within just two weeks, INTOverse has achieved over ten thousand daily active users and accumulated over 100 million distributed messages, showcasing remarkable accomplishments fueled by the powerful user community generated through the platform’s social mining. INTOverse’s social mining enables users to gain more social experiences and generate income by participating in social activities, creating content, liking, and commenting. This not only allows users to earn more token rewards but also enhances their sense of social belonging.

INTOverse also boasts high levels of security and privacy. It utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the safety and protection of user data. Users can engage in communication, entertainment, and token earnings here without worrying about personal information leaks or account theft.

Since its beta launch on May 9th, in less than half a month, INTOverse has already surpassed ten thousand daily active users, generating billions of message distributions. Moreover, it continues to maintain a rapid growth rate, establishing itself as a phenomenal application in the current Web3 space.

INTOverse is a highly engaging, valuable, and secure Web3 community management platform. Now, by joining the INTOverse family, you too can effortlessly earn tokens and indulge in entertainment. Take action now and join us for an exciting experience!





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