A host of exciting events embraced Prague Blockchain Week 2023

A host of exciting events embraced Prague Blockchain Week 2023

  • Prague is hosting the biggest Blockchain Week of 2023
  • Waves of people attended this event as both participants and spectators. 

In times when the cryptocurrency market is starting to gain some pace in its growth. Multiple events are getting planned across blockchain technology to offer more exposure. In June 2023 itself, a variety of events based on cryptocurrency will take place worldwide. Among those is Prague Blockchain Week which could be one of the most anticipated events. To be organized from June 2-11, the host of independent events will grace Prague for all crypto enthusiasts. A total number of 33 industry events and 343 international speakers are said to be participating in this huge gathering. 

A host of exciting events embraced Prague Blockchain Week 2023

An Outlook of the Prague Blockchain Week 2023

Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, has its historical association with Bitcoin. First, it is the birthplace of hardware wallets that investors use to store their digital assets. and second, it’s being a Bitcoin mining hub which resulted in a Bitcoin café inauguration, a first in its category. Due to this rapid innovation from a technological front and crypto attracting great interest, Prague has been revealed as the 2nd most crypto-friendly destination in the world. 

Returning to Prague Blockchain Week, you can find different sets of people talking about their interest in crypto. This special event will include conferences, hackathons, workshops, and community-like meetups. Even parties with happy hours have been set up for people to have a great time.

It is expected that people in this Prague Blockchain Week will discuss multiple cryptocurrency ecosystems alongside various themes ranging from hard money, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, etc.

A host of exciting events embraced Prague Blockchain Week 2023

Polkadot Army stealing the show at the Prague Blockchain Week

Among all the events that will take place in the Prague Blockchain Week, the Polkadot Prague 2-day Conference could be the most awaited one. After their success here in 2022, the Polkadot ecosystem promised to offer more. It will reveal all the new developments and projects in the Polkadot blockchain space. 

With this event, Polkadot will show the world that it can try and make the impossible truly happen. And for our future to accept those changes at an exponential rate. All the community members who are behind this journey of innovation will take part in this event. The Polkadot’s primary goal behind this innovation is the motivation to change the future of blockchain technology. 

And this event presents a perfect opportunity for them to provide a roadmap for those changes. While also connecting with other industry leaders that could help them make impactful decisions and strategies. The events taking place at this Prague Blockchain Week might help bridge the gaps that the cryptocurrency ecosystem experiences. For all the Crypto enthusiasts, the event might turn out as a wild ride of 9 days. 


The Prague Blockchain Week could renew the interest of those who were previously not positive regarding the crypto future. The event could help one to identify those routes that could lead to a crypto-blooming end. Thus, the June 2-11 event might change the perception of people for the crypto ecosystem altogether.