MetaDex NFT Listed on Opensea Accelerates the market Trend  

MetaDex NFT Listed on Opensea Accelerates the market Trend  

  • MetaDex being in the top list can now engage with other enthusiasts.
  • Collaboration with art, music, virtual world

MetaDex ANGEL NFT  has been estimated  to have a market value of  1350. The stocks of Metadex have been managed by the Dex angel NFT.  Multiple privileges have been provided such as MetaTdex stock, referral, spotting trading free discounts. Users are able to buy Hong Kong stocks from  different places with low USDTs.

OpenSea is remarked as a leading NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) company in the marketplace. It provides digital-owned items to the users. It uses different blockchains to provide the best emerging digital-owned items. There is an estimated popularity in the field of Blockchain trading. It Initially started with Ethereum and now continues to use it with  Polygon and solana.

NFTs can be defined as digital assets that have a unique  tag for identification. It  allows anyone to track the  ownership of a digital asset on  public records. Essentially, NFTs allow access to digital goods with proof.

Metadex NFT’s 

MetaTDeX  aims to  create a leading global DEX stock. It has simultaneously launched two crypto-stock interoperability products – DEX Angel and DEX DAO. It  is trying to accelerate the release of stock benefits to the Web 3.0 community. 

Angel Ambassadors

Angel ambassadors assist in the  expansion and promotion of  MetaTdex’s crypto-stock products in the global market. These can be divided into three categories: silver, gold, and platinum. The grades are evaluated  on the basis of the number of DEX Angel products recommended in a month. Platinum-grade ambassadors  enjoy  the highest referral reward.

Become an Ambassador

To become a Metadex global ambassador following conditions are necessary:

  •  Promotion of business and traffic-increasing experience 
  •  Business promotion and traffic-increasing experience in the financial industry.
  • Social media account(s) should be operated decisively, including  Twitter, blockchain column.
  • Rich experience in offline promotion.
  • Rich experience in media delivery.

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