What Is Web 3.0? Information of Web to Web 3.0 You need to know 

What Is Web 3.0? Information of Web to Web 3.0 You need to know 

  • Web 3.0 is based on decentralized and open-source software 
  • Information can be stored in multiple locations 

Web 3.0 web 3.0 is the concept of the next generation of web 2.0 and web technology it is an updated version of web 2.0 where you can use websites and applications like Facebook and WhatsApp and it makes content for end users and websites like Wikipedia and web 3.0 is ai leverages and machine learning and blockchain technology where a user can be used there data by there own and its feels like we can communicate with the real world. With the help of blockchain technology, the data and privacy of an individual or user will be safe and secure. 

Need to know about Web

Web – The world wide web (www)was developed in 1989 by  Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau. (www)is popularly known as the Web and the era of the web started from 1991 to 2004 when you can use and read data with the help of the internet but you can not interact with one person to another person.

Web 2.0- Darcy DiNucci first introduce web 2.0 and the era of web 2.0 started in 2004 and to current and it is an updated version of the web in web 2.0 we can interact with people and the main example of that is social media where we can communicate and interact with people,

When you use any website or application you want to give them your data and personal information and they save the data of end users.

Web 3.0 is the solution-

The solution for web 2.0 is to switch to web 3.0 where the end user will be the owner of their data. It is fully secure and safe and users have full control of their privacy because it works on decentralization and the website can not misuse the data.

How does web 3.0 work-

Web 3.0 is by combining the decentralization of Web 1.0 with the interactiveness of Web 2.0 in a user-friendly interface. In web 3.0 there is no authority or ownership of your data to anyone because the command is given by code and the decision of your data is taken by (DAOS) decentralized autonomous organization 

Advantages of web 3.0 –

  • Privacy – safe and secure the data and only users will have the full excess of their data 
  • Increased information linking 
  • Involve better and more effective communication 
  • Decentralization will prevent data extraction by social media giants 
  • Change the way of reacting and interacting with the web 

The disadvantage of web 3.0- 

  • Devices or gadgets which are not highly advanced 
  • The previous version of the web seems to be old
  • Decentralization of data will lead to a lack of central control 
  • Web 3.0 is not easy to understand for new users and newcomers
  • Regularly and enforcement difficulties 
  • Anyone  will not be able to handle web 3.0