Is Graphical Processing Unit Mining Deemed Financially Viable After Ethereum Mining? 

Is Graphical Processing Unit Mining Deemed Financially Viable After Ethereum Mining? 

  • It offers a high hash rate because of its Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). 
  • It runs on a specific algorithm program to check the transaction list over the internet to get unique numbers from the transactions.
  • GPU mining offers both scalability and faster processing.

GPU Mining 

It is the crypto mining process that uses specialized graphics cards to solve crypto puzzles and verify transaction blocks involving gaming computers. In order to mine cryptocurrency a Blockchain architecture must be built that supports Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining. 

As opposed to POW, PoS uses several computers to validate a single block, which randomly generates new blocks. This makes Ethereum less economical than it was before because it requires thousands of Graphics Processing Units (GPU).   GPU mining involves creating wallets, downloading mining software, selecting a server, selecting a port, adding a payment address, adding a mining identifier, and starting a  miner.

Ethereum Mining 

It is a process of creating and adding  blocks of transactions to the blockchain network of Ethereum. Gold or precious metals are scarce, the same as digital tokens. It is the only way to increase the total volume in proof of work through mining. Unlike gold or precious metals Ethereum mining was also the way to secure the network by creating, verifying, publishing, and propagating blocks on the blockchain. It can be said that mining ether is equal to securing a network.

In any blockchain, it is the basis of its existence. Ethereum miners allow the computer running software to use their time and computation power to process transactions and produce blocks. This is prior to the transition to proof of stake .   

GPU Mining No Longer Holds A Worth After The ETH Merger. Will It Be Profitable?

GPU is still profitable for mining cryptocurrencies but that depends on the particular cryptocurrency. And essentially, the future of GPU mining totally depends on the willingness of the miners. Moreover, the applications of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) beyond mining include graphics designing, gaming, and video editing which makes them ideal for fixed capital investment. But right after the ETH merger the crypto coin successfully switched from PoW (Proof-of-Work) to PoS (Proof-of-Stake), and the profitability of GPU mining totally collapsed.

While focusing on the blockchain, one blockchain migrates to alternative consensus algorithms. Miners can utilize their rigs in order to mine other cryptocurrencies. It allows them to continue using their rigs. While in comparison to the GPU, ASICS are more efficient and offer a high hash rate, including the miners switching to the application specifically integrated into the circuit.  

What Alternative Options Can Arise For Ethereum Miners?  

They can shift to alternative GPU mineable cryptocurrencies and switch to newly forked versions. Even the Chinese miner who resisted the Ethereum Networks shifted to proof of stake and forked Ethereum to preserve the Proof-or-work to census method. According to their desire, they can even quit the game. While it does not go to the best moments, this apparently will make it no longer profitable to mine. For those reasons the Ethereum miners can use alternatives of Ethereum mines such as Firo, better known as Zcoin, ERGO (ERG), Reavencoin denoted as RVN.