The Biggest Crypto Conference in Japan, IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO

The Biggest Crypto Conference in Japan, IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO

  • The Crypto event will have two main events, CRYPTO STAGE, and NEXT CITY.
  • Acquiring the Pro Pass also entitles you to additional benefits.

The future generation of entrepreneurs will congregate at IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO, which will be held over three days from June 28 to June 30, 2023, in Kyoto.

About IVS Crypto 2023 

The main event of Japan Blockchain Week, “IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO”, is the biggest conference in Japan for Web3 businesses as well as investors, developers, journalists, policymakers, and fans from across the globe. The conference will take place in the famed Kyoto International Exhibition Halls “Miyako Messe” and “ROHM Theater Kyoto,” making it the first IVS conference to do so on such a significant scale and in such a roomy facility.

Presenting the amazing NEXT CITY conference floor is a pleasure for IVS Crypto. For all guests, they have organized a comprehensive Web3 experience that includes two conference stages, several corporate booths, an NFT theme park, a blockchain gaming area, and much more. 

The Key Sessions of the Event 

Key sessions will congregate on the CRYPTO STAGE in the heart of NEXT CITY to present the concepts of the next-generation internet.

Additionally, Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, Kota Ozawa, CEO of CryptoGames, Kazuki Ikeda, Investment Manager of Bandai Namco, and Ryo Tsutomu, CTO of Doublejump, will hold a unique panel discussion on Japan’s integration of Web3 into its IP strategy.

On WEB3 STAGE, the world’s most cutting-edge Web3 technologies will assemble. For instance, the AI+Crypto Hackathon will have its demo day and offer a cash prize of $15,000 to the winner. A Web3 Pitch by COLORS will also be held during the event, allowing guests to network with and learn about cutting-edge Web3 initiatives from across the globe. Last but not least, the “CLONE GIRLS” metaverse idol group will use their CloneX avatars to announce the opening of the WEB3 STAGE.

There are many bars in NEXT CITY, including “CryptoBar P2P” from Ginza, Tokyo, “Bar Krypto” from Kyoto City, the center of the Web3 community in the Kansai region, “CityCamp” from Ebisu, Tokyo, a community space, and “Unicask,” which offers whiskey barrels as NFTs. The neighborhood bar near the WEB3 STAGE will also sell beverages with a crypto theme, such as “OFF COLA” and “NFT RUM.”

Moreover, NEXT CITY will feature more than 50 corporate exhibition booths, such as the “HoneyCon NFT Theme Park” that will highlight 16 NFT projects, the “SHAKE! “Aww Virtual Streamer Lab,” where you can see real-time 3DCG of virtual idols like “imma,” and Blockchain Game Center, where you can play blockchain games from Japan and overseas.

PRO BASE Segment

The “PRO BASE” area on the basement level caters mostly to Web3 businesses, executives, and investors. There are tables in the networking area where different venture capitalists are seated, enabling informal conversations regarding investment and other business-related opportunities.

The PRO BASE is divided into three stages, designated as STAGE X, STAGE Y, and STAGE Z, where seminars and workshops with top-tier speakers will be presented.

Executives and investors with Pro Passes will be able to socialize and make new connections in a lounge. The VC office hours will include more than 20 Web3 VCs. 

Pro Pass for the Event 

In addition to receiving access to PRO BASE and preferential admittance to IVS LAUNCHPAD, acquiring the Pro Pass also entitles you to seats for the “WebX” conference, a significant Web3 conference that will be run and coordinated by CoinPost, IVS Crypto’s media partner, and take place in Tokyo in July. Additionally, from June to September, Pro Pass holders will have access to Kyoto’s “Bar Krypto,” a member-only crypto bar.