Blockchain Advancement in Germany Promoted by CoinEx Blockchance 23

Blockchain Advancement in Germany Promoted by CoinEx Blockchance 23

  • Blockchance 2023 is helping Germany grow its crypto fan base.
  • CoinEX is ensuring its platform continues to rise amid all disruptions.

Recently CoinEX, one of the top global crypto exchanges, announced its decision to sponsor Blockchance 23. This event commemorates the fourth blockchain conference, whose next destination is Hamburg, Germany. Being held at Congress Center Hamburg, this blockchance 23 will consist of 7500 delegates, 300 speakers, and almost 150 exhibitors. 

The main theme of this event will be the latest innovations and developments surrounding distributed ledger technology (DLT). It will go on for three days straight from June 28-30. In addition, almost 40 workshops will be involved in this exhibition while featuring talks from various international experts. For CoinEx, this will be their first sponsorship in the blockchain industry. 

Blockchain Advancement in Germany Promoted by CoinEx Blockchance 23

A Detailed Overview of Blockchance 23

Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, Jennifer Balder, Lead Blockchain consultant at Zuhlke, and renowned rapper Olli Banjo are some popular speakers participating in this event. It will continue for three days, where keynote speeches, panel discussions, and award ceremonies will be the few attractions. Moreover, 50 workshops will be presented to allow blockchain scholars to learn more about blockchain technology. Interestingly, this event will allow delegates to participate remotely through a hybrid model where digital trending topics like NFT and Metaverse are also included.

On June 29, an AI summit is also planned alongside the Initiative AI Hamburg, where the influence of Artificial Intelligence will be covered. Even the controversial matters related to legislation and regulation of cryptocurrency in the EU Commission will be discussed by experts. In contrast, the presentations throughout the event will cover governance, interoperable supply chains, and founders’ experiences. 

Blockchain Advancement in Germany Promoted by CoinEx Blockchance 23

What is the Role of CoinEX in the Landmark Event of Blockchance 23?

Although Germany recently announced a period of recession, it remains a big part of Europe’s economy. Additionally, the market potential of cryptocurrency in Germany could be huge if tendered correctly. To ensure crypto markets move in the right direction, CoinEX decided to be a part of the event. CoinEX believes it fully understands the needs and demands of crypto users across Germany. It will also help them create a remarkable presence in the crypto space to promote their growth against competitors. 

Sponsoring will not be the only part CoinEX will play in this event because an exclusive brand booth called Saal G23 will play a meaningful part in CoinEX promotion. Herein, all local users can visit and converse with the CoinEX team to share ideas and trends in blockchain technology. 

Unlike other crypto exchanges, CoinEX is a veteran in this sector, continuing to serve its users. Their priority has always been users, who are the backbone of their future growth. Additionally, with the chance to sponsor Blockchance 23, an opportunity for them to finally showcase their expertise will be presented to them. Nevertheless, CoinEX has continued to look after its platform by introducing innovative developments now and then. 


The future of CoinEX remains bright with their chance to sponsor the whole event of Blockchance 2023. This fourth block chance event will be one of the biggest occasions spanning across crypto space in recent months. People participating or attending this event will be equally entertained through Blockchance 2023.