Discover Everything About This Move-to-Earn Application

Discover Everything About This Move-to-Earn Application

  • StepN converts fitness into a game with the potential to earn.
  • The StepN sneaker comes with 5 unique characteristics.

Most individuals can support the notion of earning money while walking their dog. its attraction is that it gives the opportunity to go outdoors, get some exercise, and get money from something you have to do anyway. 

What is StepN 

Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong co-founded and released StepN, the activity-tracking software that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while exercising, in December 2021, they had the concept of move-to-earn (M2E) in mind. then? 

StepN is a piece of exercise software that keeps track of the distance you’ve traveled during a workout, just like Strava and other activity-tracking apps. However, users of StepN may earn cryptocurrency while doing so. 

The program effectively turns fitness into a game with the potential to earn what, depending on a number of circumstances, might amount to a sizable sum of money. StepN cleverly encourages people to start exercising by appealing to an already-existing group of fitness lovers. 

The StepN brief says that this gives people who aren’t Web3 initiators a simple way to get into the complicated and disconnected world of crypto and NFTs.

Although StepN’s concept is exciting. Let’s first examine how the app works, how to use it, and why it is so effective in persuading people to use and reinvest cryptocurrency into the ecosystem.

Working of the Application

A virtual environment was layered over the actual one in a number of augmented reality (AR) games in the past. Play-to-earn games appeared a little while later. Users were paid by these services in cryptocurrency for reaching in-game milestones.

These two ideas are combined to form StepN. it is a move-to-earn app using the Solana blockchain. It leverages play-to-earn gaming and augmented reality (AR) ideas to compensate users for all the calories they expend. Users get points depending on the distance they run, which is monitored by GPS and are then rewarded for their accomplishments with cryptocurrency tokens.

Walking (1-6 kph), jogging (4-10 kph), or running (8-20 kph) may all be used to make money. Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) are credited to your wallet in the form of prizes. The StepN app’s native cryptocurrency is called GST. In the app, you may establish a wallet or export your GST to an external wallet. Then, you may exchange these tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies with ease.

Sneaker Concept in StepN

You must first buy NFT shoes, which are basically virtual sneakers that control how much GST you can earn, in order to play StepN and join the trend. You may begin receiving incentives for GST utility tokens as soon as your shoe is prepared. You may customize your NFT shoes when you buy them.

For instance, if you just have two Energy and one Common shoe, your earning potential is only ten minutes. You get eight Energy from eight shoes, or 40 minutes of earn time, and so on. The longer you can move and generate money, the more shoes you purchase and possess.

There are 5 NFT sneaker qualities, with Energy being the most significant. As we said previously, the energy characteristic of your shoe has a direct influence on how long you are able to collect GST tokens each day. Sneaker wear and tear is slowed down by resilience; chances of winning random rewards during a session are increased by luck; the intake of the Green Metaverse Token (GMT token) is increased by comfort; and the quantity of GST made during a session is increased by efficiency. As of now, the worth of 1 GST is equal to $0.013.