Azuki Elemental Beans Minted Quick; Elemental Collection is Out 

Azuki Elemental Beans Minted Quick; Elemental Collection is Out 

  • Azuki Elemental Beans were minted in 20 minutes.
  • New collection of Azuki Elemental was launched on June 23rd.
  • Elemental Bean #19632 NFT was sold for 1.890 ETH ($3,520.14) at the latest.

The Azuki Elemental Beans (AEB) are NFTs consumed to go into the garden to disclose Azuki Elemental (AE) NFTs. Revelation will be available after the closing of the sale. Around 20,000 NFTs were revealed to the holders. 

Team Azuki, in June 2023, created AEBs and AEs. AEBs is a collection of 10.3K items. The total volume at press time is 11,023 ETH with a floor price of 2.036 ETH. Around 32% Azuki Elemental Bean owners are unique from the total 2,901 owners. 

Source: OpenSea

At the start of the day, the volume was 34.096 ETH which at press time had gone down to 25.938 ETH. The average price has increased by 0.2673 ETH. →Starting Avg. Price = 1.8942 ETH.

→Latest Avg. Price =  2.1615 ETH. 

Source: OpenSea

According to OpenSea, Azuki Elemental Beans, the highest floor price was 2.19 ETH whereas it went down lowest at 1.789 ETH on June 29 at press time. 

The top owner “0x1e1936adba1d18be91694727086e40647decf375” joined in April 2023 and has a total collection of 699 NFTs.

A recent sale of Elemental Bean #17543 NFT was done for 2 WETH ($3,734.86).


The market cap (MC) of the NFT from 18,862.08 ETH today went down to 18,511.57 ETH. Today’s volume change was around 37.59 ETH.

Azuki Elemental Bean NFTs has 29 whales which hold 2497 NFTs. Also, it has 2,296  blue chip holders holding 7,463 NFTs with them.

The top whale “0x1e1936adba1d18be91694727086e40647decf375” has 359 NFTs with an estimated value (total) about 728.77 ETH and average cost 1.37 ETH. 

Azuki tops ‘Blue Chip Collection’ with 6,737 NFTs under its hold. There are 2,117 mutual holders of around 73.03% between Blue Chip Collection and Azuki Elemental Beans.

Latest minting was done of Azuki Elemental Bean #1738 whereas elemental Bean #17604 was sold for 2.03 ETH.

Azuki’s Most Awaited Revelation 

On Friday in the previous week, 20,000 NFTs of Azuki Elemental collections were revealed to the holders.

Azuki is a metaverse brand. It is built by the community with a cluster of 10,000 avatars that provides membership passes to “The Garden.” It’s a hub of artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts who collectively form a decentralized future. Azuki holders obtain entrance to exclusive experiences, drops, and more.

Created in Jan 2023 by Team Azuki with 10K items, Azuki NFT has 5% creator’s earnings. Traded on the Ethereum chain, these NFTs are profile picture (PFP) NFTs.