Forecast for gold prices: Bearish outlook below key support

Gold Price Forecast

Gold prices have been moving sideways since March and are now breaking below key support levels. A breach of $1,300 would put at risk a turnaround from the year-long downtrend. A bearish outlook for silver is also in play after the metal declined to a new cyclical low last week, although silver has less room […]

US Dollar/Japanese Yen: Upside pressure eased below 122.20


The US Dollar and Japanese Yen are currently in a strong inverse relationship with one another, meaning that when one strengthens, the other weakens. The Japanese Yen has become an attractive investment as it has dropped in value against the US Dollar over recent months. This article will explore how to trade this currency pair […]

Kusama Price Analysis: KSM likely to retest support, Bulls losing dominance!

KSM bulls losing strength, bears might cherish in the next few days.  KSM might retest critical support levels, bulls might get tested.  KSM/BTC is trading at 0.007027 BTC with an intraday change of +5.06% while the KSM/ETH pair is trading at 0.10088 ETH marking an intraday change of -9.06%. Kusama Price is currently trading below […]


After a private fundraising campaign this summer, fintech opens its Initial Coin Offering in Ireland, offering 12.5% bonus and exclusive app membership benefits for early investors DUBLIN, IRELAND –, the European fintech start-up created by AutomataGroup, has launched a public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Ireland for early investors in their AKTIO coin. The […]

XRP PRICE ANALYSIS:- bulls pushing the price up but will it sustain? 

The trading volume in the last 24hr at the time of writing this article is +3.88% The price of XRP/BTC and XRP/ETH at the time of writing this article is 0.00002178BTC and 0.0003165ETH Descending triangle pattern in the daily chart.  LONG TERM VIEW:-  In the daily chart time frame we can see the bulls are […]

IOTA PRICE ANALYSIS:- Bulls pushing the price up but the trend may be bearish

The trading volume of miota in the last 24hr at the time of writing this is +42% The price of IOTA/BTC and IOTA/ETH at the time of writing this article is 0.00002751BTC and 0.0003889ETH respectively  The price is near the support and if it bounces up then there can be a descending triangle pattern. LONG […]