Ethereum’s price could soar in 2022, a ‘make-or-break year’ for crypto

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum’s price It has been pretty stable since the beginning of 2018, but in 2022 there are some ambitious plans to take Ethereum to the next level that may result in a serious surge for the cryptocurrency. Ethereum, a decentralized software platform on which developers can run applications that operate as digital contracts or applications […]

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC bull rally to $49,000 is just getting started

Bitcoin Price Prediction

The Bitcoin bull rally is just getting started. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC bull rally to $49,000 is just getting started. In the past couple of weeks, one individual already took a $100 million position in Bitcoin and its nothing more than the beginning of this bullish market correction we have been expecting for months. There […]

MATIC Price Prediction to reach $2.18 dollar by the end of 2022

MATIC Price Prediction

MATIC is set to go live on the Ethereum network next month and will be a product similar to Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. MATIC is priced at $0.10 per coin and with the 100 million total coins available and only 42.2 million already sold, there is a huge growth potential for investors in this […]

Ethereum is ranked 28th in the list of cryptocurrencies

Ethereum price

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has seen a meteoric rise in price since the start of 2017. A crypto market observer noted that its current market value is roughly $3,182.59 as of 26th March. It has a total capitalization of close to USD 100 billion. The positive momentum surrounding Ethereum continues to drive […]

Bitcoin maintaining its all time high

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin has been on the rise recently and is showing no signs of slowing down. Some are predicting a bubble but not many are saying it will crash again. The future is bright for digital currencies even if big banks get in the way of good business for corporations. If you’ve ever been curious about […]

Cardano’s token reached its highest value

Cardano price

What is Cardano? Cardano is an open-source cryptocurrency that was originally developed as a platform for smart contracts, to be a decentralized worldwide computing network. Cardano’s vision is to become the first blockchain to provide a sustainable and scalable solution for the whole world. It will do this by using peer-to-peer technology. It will also […]

Know everything about Coinbase Cloud

Coinbase Cloud

For most people who have never used Coinbase before, the cloud is now included in all of the three plans that are available: Individual, Business and Enterprise. The new individual plan costs $10, while business and enterprise plans are at $100/month. What makes Coinbase Cloud so popular? If you’re familiar with Coinbase, then you probably […]

XLM price breached through a downtrend ans started an uptrend

XLM price

With the recent growth in crypto markets and increasing value of cryptocurrencies people are starting to look more seriously into what it is they should be investing their money into because there are so many new coins coming out that its hard to keep up with them all and market research is important as well […]

Bitcoin is still the key to Litecoin’s turnaround and its recovery


The cryptocurrency markets are staring to recover. The key is that Bitcoin is still in the middle of a bull run, and Litecoin remains the undervalued gem. Litecoin has been one of the few cryptocurrencies fighting to stay alive in a market dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum. After months of trading in the red, it […]

Dogecoin Price Prediction: DOGE Reflects Optimistic

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Just in time for Christmas, the Dogecoin price has started to rise, reaching a mark of JPY 2. The increase is due to a number of factors, including an increase in interest from international investors. This article will explore what the future holds for the dogecoin price and why it might be worth investing now […]