Prediction for the Cardano Price: ADA Price to Retest

Cardano Price Prediction

After a period of steady performance, a major correction in the price of Cardano is predicted. If you’re watching from anywhere in the United States and want to get involved in Cardano trading, now would be a great time. The cryptocurrency market is primed for a big move, so if you can anticipate this sudden […]

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand to raise Official Cash Rate to 1.25% in April

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Preview

What will be the expected rate of increase in the Official Cash Rate by RBNZ? The interest rate is a measure of the cost of borrowing. The Reserve Bank’s Official Cash Rate (OCR) is the benchmark interest rate in New Zealand. It influences other interest rates, such as mortgage rates and business lending rates. Interest […]

USD/CAD defends yearly lows for a third time

USD CAD Outlook

What is the current price value of CAD in terms of USD? In recent months the Canadian dollar has shown a low trend in relation to the United States Dollar and it is predicted that this will continue in the near future. The value of 1 Canadian dollar is $0.74 US Dollars. The CAD is […]

Know why March was an excellent month for the USD/JPY

USD/JPY Forecast

The US dollar and the Japanese yen are two of the most liquid currencies in the world. The USD/JPY is a highly-active currency pair, with many traders around the globe trying to identify price patterns, such as trend reversals or breakouts. Short term currency trading can be daunting for beginners. There are many factors that […]

Spend your money wisely with Intraday Market analysis

Intraday market analysis

What is Intraday? An intraday market analysis provides a snapshot of the activities in the market over a given period to help identify trading opportunities. Intraday reviews are especially useful when trying to access an opportunity, as they allow one to monitor what is happening in the market during their time frame. Intraday trading is […]

DBS Bank join hands with EaseMyTrip to launch green Debit Card

DBS bank

What is DBS bank and who runs it? DBS Bank, or DBS Zhonghong, is the first and largest financial institution in Hong Kong. Mr. Piyush Gupta is the Chairman and CEO of the company. It was established on July 16, 1968. The bank is managed by DBS Holdings International Limited. This company has assets of […]

EOS price has been rallying with the broader crypto market

EOS Price Prediction

What is EOS? The EOS project is a blockchain technology built by, a startup company based in the Cayman Islands. It has broken onto the blockchain scene with much fanfare and success since its mainnet launch in June of 2018. The EOSIO software can support vertical-less applications, delegated proof of stake consensus, and the […]

Reserve Bank of Australia’s core inflation surged by 1.0% in the last quarter

Reserve Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia is responsible for helping shape monetary policy in the nation and many other countries around the world. It is an independent body, with its own legal powers, which is necessary to keep Australia’s economy on track. History of Reserve Bank of Australia Established in 1960 by act of Parliament, the […]

Price forecast for Zilliqa: ZIL to pullback after parabolic run

Ziliqa Price Prediction

The biggest cryptocurrency of the twenty-first century, Zilliqa, has fallen from its all-time high of $1.92 to about $0.27 at the time of this writing. The price is still incredibly high for what it is—a second generation blockchain—but it’s nowhere near the laughable valuation that it once was. This price drop has been speculative in […]