PiCoin: The new cryptocurrency in the market

PiCoin Price Prediction

What is PiCoin? PiCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has not been launched in the market. The launch date is not yet disclosed but experts have claimed that it would be by 2022 or 2023. Its estimated price until it’s launched can be anywhere between $0.00707 and up to $0.00920 (as per Coin Market Cap). […]

Dogecoin continues to trudge higher and higher

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin price stalls near $0.14 The long-term prospects for dogecoin are positive and the price will most likely continue to rise over time with no major dips in between highs or lows. Dogecoin has had a volatile history in terms of price, and it’s likely that the price will continue to fluctuate in the near […]

Bearish Gold Price Outlook Below Key Support

Gold Price Forecast

The world has grown accustomed to paper money’s ease and convenience. Yet, history teaches that it can quickly become worthless when the issuing government can no longer meet its obligations or protection dwindles. The days of gold as a currency are returning and you will have more chances to own some. The yellow metal is […]

Investors are having major FOMO as Ethereum nears the ‘merge’

Ethereum price

Ethereum price to reach its new yearly high at $3,700 The cryptocurrency is going strong on the market, and its price is expected to reach a new all-time high in 2022. Ethereum (ETH), based on its latest price data, has a market cap of $407.585 billion, with an average volume of around $18.95 billion per […]

ETC, JASMY or RUNE: Know what you must choose


The ETC Network is a peer-to-peer network powered by Ethereum that has no single point of failure. It provides stakeholders, creators, and consumers with a viable alternative in an industry where resources are monopolized by intermediaries. These intermediaries control access and restrict innovation. What are the advantages of the ETC Network for users? As a […]

Despite a stronger US dollar, the NZD/USD declines from its multi-month peak


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) has declined from its recent peak and remains in a downtrend against the US Dollar (USD). The NZD/USD pair has fallen from 0.77 back to its long-term support level of 0.68, which is still above the bullish trend line drawn on September 26th. The key for traders looking for buying […]

ApeCoin: How likely is a new all-time high?

Apecoin price prediction

There’s been a lot of work going into ApeCoin during the last few days, seen by the increased volume and the rising price. The token has been doing particularly well this week – we’ve seen a large increase in volume and price for ApeCoin. ApeCoins have also been distributed fairly evenly, with many more coming […]

Vodafone Idea stock is in focus currently, we need to check update.

Vodafone Idea stock

What is this collaboration about? Vodafone Idea stock is a company that Vodafone plc (ADR) found from Vodafone India Ltd. It was founded in March 2007 and was owned by Vodafone Group Plc of England. There is also a subsidiary known as Idea Cellular Limited. It was acquired by the Vodafone Group Plc in July […]

Entrepreneurs should not waste an opportunity like the energy crisis

Energy crisis

The energy crisis is the biggest business opportunity of our lifetime. Even small-time remote entrepreneurs can take advantage of the situation and create a business that will grow as soon as people realize there is power back online. That being said, though, it is important to be prepared for unexpected events, so you don’t burn […]

Is Gold Price Forecast The Most Trending Thing Now?

Gold Price Forecast

It is a very interesting subject because it has a lot of people asking if the gold price forecast is a good thing or not. This article will give you an in-depth look into the gold price forecast, what it really means, and what people should be use instead. The gold price forecast refers to […]