Is NZD/USD The Most Trending Thing Now?


In the past few weeks, the NZD/USD continued on its upward trend as it became more and more bullish. The currency pair is now trading at 1.092 and could go higher in the next few months. This article will discuss why many believe that this move will continue, as well as shed light on some […]

Understand The Background Of AUD/USD Now.


Understanding the background of AUD/USD now is crucial to making predictions on how it will perform. In this article, I am going to teach you. What the currency market is and a quick overview of its history. Without further ado, let’s get started! What is the Currency Market? The Currency market is a place where […]

Ethereum price prediction: Is a bullish trend around the corner?

Etheruem Price Prediction

Ethereum fans, hodlers, and flippers alike are looking for one answer: Ethereum price prediction. That’s because Ethereum is up almost 2000% in the last year — with a market cap now of over $8 billion. This means that even if ETH only stays this price, it’s already been a great investment. With so many bullish […]

Why USD/INR Price Analysis Will Be A Thing Of The Past.

USD INR Price Analysis

The USD/INR price analysis will be a thing of the past and it may take a while for traders to come around. Nobody would be surprised if the USD/INR exchange rate charged by dropped below Rs.100 to Rs.100 in the near future since the exchange rate is fueled primarily by US dollar index futures […]

HBAR price prediction: the falling wedge points to $0.26

HBAR Price Prediction

As the world becomes more connected and electronic, monetary systems are morphing too. We’ve seen some very dramatic changes in recent years, such as Bitcoin’s meteoric rise or the Italian bank bailout. One of these areas is commodities and currency markets, which has seen incredible highs and lows over the course of this year. One […]

Is the cryptocurrency JasmyCoin poised to hit $0.10?

JasmyCoin price prediction

Many investors are excited about the potential of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and JasmyCoin. However, many analysts think that Bitcoin is going to crash soon. So do you want to be on the side of a stampede or in a line for ice cream? Anyone who has been watching cryptocurrency trends for the last few […]

How will the price of Rare (RARI) move in the near future?

Rarible price prediction

Rare is currently the #12 most expensive coin! The price of Rare has surged this year and some people are predicting that it will continue to grow in value as the demand for rare crypto coins continues to increase. This means that while you can’t yet buy a whole car with 1 Rare, you might […]

The Sandbox: market cap, current price

The Sandbox

What is Sandbox? The sandbox started as a “fake” coin meant to demonstrate the potential of an upcoming cryptocurrency. Some coins can be created and then sold before they are offered for general use. The creators of the sandbox coin never really intended for it to be used, and so no new coins were ever […]

How AUD/USD Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies.


AUD/USD is an alternate digital asset that is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The coin was made to address some of the shortfalls of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are facing challenges such as scaling and high transaction fees. AUD/USD is not a new technology, nor are its intentions. It is an old mine with gold […]

USD/INR: RBI could step up intervention to at least mitigate rupee depreciation


The rupee has plunged to a new low against the US dollar and there is no respite in sight. A weaker rupee could have deleterious effects on the fiscally-stressed economy, which is slowing down, and there are already signs that inflationary pressures could pick up in the coming months. Amid these circumstances, India’s central bank […]