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Is buying Dyson’s Pure Cryptomic air purifier worth it?

Dyson has recently released its all new Cryptonic air purifier for $649, which states to eliminate the formaldehyde in the house. How does that make a difference? Apparently, formaldehyde has been stated as one of the main reasons for many deadly diseases and has been put in the list of cancer causing substances by many disease control centers.

How does the Cryptonic air purifier work? It basically removes the formaldehyde present in the surroundings instead of another air purifier, which stores it. Formaldehyde is present everywhere, in human bodies, furniture, paints: everywhere. It is quite difficult to remove all the formaldehyde, but the air purifier can remove it up to some extent. But is it worth it to pay $649 for a formaldehyde eliminating air purifier, which won’t eve remove all of the substance?

There are other natural ways too which can be opted instead of buying the device. By letting sunlight into the house, windows kept open, well ventilation, no smokers in the house and many such options can help in eliminating cancer causing substances from the house.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the amount of formaldehyde is found to be more in the house of smokers, a house that is recently painted or furnished, a new house and even in a house that has large amounts of new products. The formaldehyde level can be kept low by opting the above-stated options, which have even been tested and advised by the American Cancer Society, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Disease Control; which makes the above options safer and better rather than buying the Cryptonic air purifier by Dyson and paying $649 for the same. Why buy an air purifier just to eliminate formaldehyde when one can have the natural options do the work for free? There is even no surety when the device would break, after which one would have to spend more money on the purifier, better opt for the free and safe option.

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Shawn Paulson

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