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Is your iPhone 11 giving you a hard time to get charged? Here’s why and what you can do about it

The only thing iPhone users and Android users can agree to, about phones, is the iPhone’s battery life! We absolutely get it apple, all the craze and the money for your phones, but a little battery life wouldn’t harm you that much!

This brings us to the newly launched iPhone 11, which is being said to have a better battery life, but then it takes ages to charge! If you have already bought it, here is what you can do-Get an efficiently performing fast charger! This may sound like the most obvious and cliche thing to say, but a fast and efficient charger does dramatically speed up the charging process.

The iPhone 11 now comes with the same old, slow charger that Apple makes but the only addition is it’s increased battery life, it takes longer than it used to, to get it fully charged (and fast). If you cannot find a fast charger, you could always take advantage of an iPad charger which is of 12W, still more than what is included with the iPhone 11, to help your phone charge faster.

The charger that Apple sells with iPhones is of 5W, so you can have an idea of the speed- but it also sells 87W chargers which are only meant for Macbooks, yes, that is the reason why your Mac can get charged thrice in the time your iPhone gets charged fully, once.

Apple broke into a new regime by selling its fast charger along with the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro efficiently performing models. So in case, you own one of these Pro phones, then the 18W fast charger is gifted in an attractive box for all the customers.

So be ready to redefine your experience with this immensely popular phone that is all set offer you an innovative era of utilizing the best features of it. 

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