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Microsoft inviting people to test out new Xbox features and You can be one of them!

All the Xbox lovers! Here’s news for you all to rejoice about! Microsoft has officially invited the customers to test some rough and raw features of Xbox! Yes, you heard that right. If you were or are lucky enough to be a part of the exclusive club that gets you to try the all-new Xbox One features, you are going to be living your life on the edge. The Xbox Insider Unit is inviting people from all over the world to test the new Alpha Skip Ahead Ring, so it can have more constructive feedbacks about the same! The criteria for people who can request for an invite is said to be closely guarded by Microsoft. If the Xbox ring sends you a formal invite or a formal message, that way, you will know if you are in for some living-life-on-the-edge games!

This feature is not meant for those who have faint hearts! Alphas are already said to be really raw and rough by their very nature and Microsoft; this time has said the Alpha Skip Ahead build has bugs which are going to stop the home dashboard from loading and will prompt the user for a passcode despite the feature being turned off.

Again, this is not meant for faint hearts, and you’d only want to sign up for this if you actually have the heart to do it and would love some new features and if you feel beta tests are too slow.

Go, check from the ‘report a problem’ in the power menu and click on ‘add new problem’ and then select Future Build if you wish to sign up!

If the luck is in your favor, you’ll still be able to see these options and if all goes well, let’s hope you make it to that exclusive club of testers!

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